What Influences Stage 4 Colon Cancer Prognosis?

Stage 4 Colon Cancer Prognosis : There are several factors that affect stage 4 colon cancer prognosis. The stage of the cancer is influential. The type of the cancer should also be taken into consideration. Some cancers grow slowly, while others grow at a faster rate. Other important factors that may affect prognosis are the patient’s general health and response to treatment. Some people can’t quite tolerate chemicals that enter their bodies. When a patient doesn’t respond well to the treatment provided by the doctor, it can really reduce the chance to survive. Colon cancer is treatable as long as it is found in an early stage. At first, the size is very small. As time goes by, the tumor will increase in size.

Stage 4 Colon Cancer Prognosis.
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During later development, it can travel to other parts of the body. Treatment needs to be followed by lifestyle changes. Experts suggest that cancer has to do with lifestyle. So if you want to recover, you should make lifestyle changes and be committed to them. The doctor bases prognosis on the information that has been collected for decades. Cancer cells grow uncontrollably, but when they respond well to treatment, the growth can be slowed down. There are treatments meant for killing these abnormal cells and preventing them from causing further damage to the body.
Colon cancer stage 4 survival rate.
The survival rate is low for this stage of colon cancer, only around 11%. That’s why treatment should be given earlier before it progresses into an advanced stage. What are the treatment choices? Chemotherapy is still considered one of the most powerful methods to battle cancer. This treatment uses drugs to shrink the cancer. It can also help prolong the life of the patient. How do these drugs work? They work by limiting tumor’s access to nutrients. Cancerous cells need nutrient to survive. After the drugs have been injected, they will start working by interfering with some receptors and proteins. As a result, the cancer will suffer.

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