Stage 4 Bone Cancer Survival Rates

Stage 4 bone cancer is difficult to treat considering it is an advanced stage. Any type of cancer is typically harder to cure when it has progressed to this stage. Cancer is no longer localized in one area, but has spread to other parts of the body. When cancerous cells have infiltrated distant organs, surgery won’t be enough. It takes a combination of several treatments. Even this doesn’t guarantee total recovery. The primary goal may shift from helping the patient cure the disease to increasing his life expectancy. Bone cancer develops from normal cells that make the bones. This disease can affect anyone although it is more prevalent in children than adults. In many cases that involve adults, bone cancer is often related to metastasis or a condition in which cancer has spread from the original site.

Stage 4 Bone Cancer Survival Rates.
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Living with cancer.

It is not easy to live with bone cancer. When the cancer has reached an advanced stage, the tumor should’ve been very large, probably around 5 cm in size. Metastases can also be found in other areas, including the lymph nodes. This will result in severe pain especially in bone joints. Another possible complication is fractures because bones have lost part of their strength. When a bone is fragile, it will be easier to break. Other symptoms commonly associated with advanced cancer are extreme fatigue and weight loss.

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What are the treatment options for stage 4 bone cancer? Chemotherapy is considered an option because it directly targets the malignant cells. It can be used in conjunction with radiotherapy to provide the best results. When it comes to survival rate, it highly depends on the patient’s overall health. Every patient responds differently to treatment. Those with high well-being are more likely to respond better to treatment. Thus, they will have higher survival rates. The characteristics of the cancer also play a role. One thing for sure, survival rates have increased significantly in the past few years due to advances in cancer treatment.

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