Prostate Cancer Surgeons and Cryotherapy prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer SurgeonWhat is the job of a prostate cancer surgeon? As the name suggests, this specialist can perform surgery on someone with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is actually very common among men. There are thousands of hundreds of new cases each year in the USA alone. The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system that plays a role in the production of semen. It secretes sticky liquid which later gets mixed with sperm. Before performing surgery, the doctor needs to figure out the characteristics of the cancer, which include its stage and grade.

Prostate Cancer Surgeon.
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How important is this surgery? Surgery is an effective form of treatment because it directly removes cancerous cells from the body. However, not everyone is eligible for surgery because there are some factors to take into account, such as the patient’s age and overall health. Compared to other types of cancer, prostate cancer has a slow growth rate. This directly affects how the doctor handles the whole situation. The doctor will monitor for signs that the cells are quickly growing. There are 2 types of surgery. The first one is known as radical prostatectomy. This is recommended for patients whose cancers are still localized. If the malignant cells have created metastases which can be found in other areas, then it is no longer suitable.
This procedure involves removing the whole prostate gland and areas that contain cancer cells. This is to reduce the risk of recurrence. Cancer can grow back if surgery fails to completely remove parts containing the malignant cells. While effective, surgery also has downsides, one of which is the loss of ability to father children. Keep in mind that the prostate plays a major role in the production of semen. Without it, a man will not be able to get someone pregnant. Another downside is dry orgasms. Those who have undergone this treatment complain that they feel orgasm without ejaculation.

Cryotherapy for prostate cancer.

Besides surgery, another available treatment for prostate cancer is cryotherapy. Cryotherapy uses extreme cold to destroy cancer cells. In this procedure, the doctor would insert thin needles to make a way for a gas to kill those cells. This is recommended for localized cancer. It can also be effective for cancer that has spread to nearby areas. Not everyone can have this treatment. Those with urinary problems may not be suitable for this therapy as it can worsen the existing problems.

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